Year 1


Happy New Year! It is so good to be back and this Spring Term, Year 1 will be learning all about the DINOSAURS! Miss Bradnock and I are so excited to get stuck into this topic with you. We will be learning all about the history of dinosaurs, how they lived, wen they lived and where they lived as well as the different types of dinosaurs.


Furthermore, we will continue to explore how our environment changes through seasons and explore different plants and what plants would have existed during dinosaur times.

Finally… we will end the term with a model volcano investigation.

We are going to become fantastic forensics! Over this Spring Term, we will be exploring dinosaurs and their features. We will find out what different dinosaurs ate by looking at their teeth and we will discover fossils and how they are created. We will talk about the extinction of dinosaurs too.

We will compare the age of dinosaurs with the modern day and we will be learning about Mary Anning who dedicated her life to dinosaur investigations.

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Please hand your books in on Thursdays


PE is on Tuesdays

PE IS ON TUESDAYS—please provide your child a water bottle and warm clothing.