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Year 2


This half-term, we are writing a diary entry from the point of view of someone who experienced the events of the Great Fire of London.

We will be using a beautiful picture book to support this work, by Emma Adams and James Weston Lewis.

We will continue with whole class reading, where the children read the same text and answer comprehension questions. We will still try to hear the children read as much as possible, but it is very important that they continue to read their own book at home regularly. Books will be changed on a Tuesday and diaries will be checked regularly. Dojo points will be awarded to children who have read and had their diary signed.

We will have daily spelling sessions, and will be tested on our spellings every two weeks. Please ensure your spelling books are in school on a Monday. These will then be returned home the next day.


In Maths, we will be learning about money, and consolidating our addition and subtraction learning. We will then move on to learning about multiplication and division. This is a really key area of learning, where children will build their multiplicative understanding. This area of learning will probably take us several weeks.

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In Science this half term, we will be looking at seeds and growing seeds to observe the growth over time. We will also be testing a range of materials towards the end of the half-term.  

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Our RE topic this half term is about the Easter story. We will be learning the significance of Easter and how it is celebrated.

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Our topic this half term has a history focus. We will learn about the Great Fire of London, including the causes and the impact of the fire. We are looking forward to our trip to Blakesley Hall to see the types of buildings that were in London in 1666. We will also think about how we know about the events of the fire, from sources such as Samuel Pepys' diary.  


Please ensure your child has their reading book and reading record in school every day.

PE is on Tuesdays


Your child should come to school in their PE kit on these days.

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