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Term Dates

School Year 2022 / 2023

Summer Term 2023
Term Starts: Mon 17 April
May Day: Mon 01 May
Half Term: Mon 29
May to Fri 02 June
Term Ends: Fri 21 July

Inset Day: Mon 24 July

Inset Day: Tues 25 July

School Year 2023 / 2024

Autumn Term 2023
INSET Day: Monday 04 September

Term Starts: Tues 05 September 

INSET Day: Fri 27th October
Half Term: Mon 30 October to Fri 3 November
Term Ends: Fri 22 December 

Spring Term 2024
INSET Day: Mon 08 January

Term Starts: Tues 09 January
Half Term: Mon 12 February to Fri 16 February
Term Ends: Friday 22 March

Summer Term 2024
Term Starts: Mon 08 April
(May Day: Mon 06 May)
Half Term: Mon 27 May to Fri 31 May

INSET Day: Mon 03 June
Term Ends: Fri 19 July

INSET Day:  Mon 22 July 

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When setting term and holiday dates, Solihull Local Authority take the following factors into consideration:


  •   A school year must be 195 days with 190 teaching.


  •   Solihull schools set their own 5 training days.


  •   The school year should start as close to the 01 September as possible.


  •   The teaching week at the start or end of terms of not less than 3 school days.


  •   The teaching week to start on Monday and finish on Friday if possible.


  •   Christmas Break of 2 weeks.


  •   Spring Break to include Easter Bank Holiday weekend   and encompass 3 weekends.


  •   Equalise as far as possible teaching periods.


  •   Match as closely as possible neighbouring authorities, main exceptions are often September start  or matching half terms to meet the needs of non-Christian holy days.

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