School Council

A school council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all the pupils and to improve their school.  The school council meets with Mrs Anderton to discuss ideas to improve our school further.


Members of the school council are Responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning Discos, writing newspaper articles, or meeting with other staff.


Our school councillors are:

• Reliable

• Happy to listen and share others ideas

• Willing to write letters to helpful people, or phone them.

Alice B.png

Year 6 School Councillor



Alice - As the Chair of the council, I would like to accomplish lots of great things for school and gather together all ideas to make our school the best.

James W.png

Year 6 School Councillor


James - As Secretary, I will make sure that everyone in school knows what is happening in the council and keep them informed.

Sienna T.png

Year 5 School Councillor


I want to be responsible for others and help those with disabilities.

William P.png

Year 5 School Councillor


I will be respectful of peoples’ ideas.

Evie D.png

Year 4 School Councillor


I want to make sure everyone is happy coming to school.

Oakley B.png

Year 4 School Councillor


I am kind and helpful and a good listener so I will make sure I help others in school.

Elsie D.png

Year 3 School Councillor


I will make sure everyone shares their ideas.

Max M.png

Year 3 Class Councillor


I will look out for other people and cheer them up when they’re sad.

Cody H.png

Year 2 School Councillor


I want to help people stay calm and relaxed in school.

Bella CK.png

Year 2 School Councillor


I want to encourage other people to help make our school even better.