Year 5


In English, we will be writing diary entries and reading a fictional diary of a Tudor court lady. We will also be reading a historical mystery story. We will use this to help us to write our own mystery stories. We will continue practising our year 5 and 6 spellings, and revise the grammar we have already learned this year.

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We will finish our learning on fractions, decimals and percentages. We will be spending a lot of time on this important topic. We will then learn about properties of shape and angles. We will be continuously revising previous topics and working on our Key Instant Recall Facts.


We will study the Tudor period. Our main focus will be the religious upheaval that happened during the period, and the causes for this. We will learn about everyday life, as well as the Kings and Queens of the Tudor dynasty.


This term, we will be completing our learning about life cycles. We will finish learning about the life cycles of different animals, and comparing them, and will then learn about the stages of development of humans. This learning will link to RSE in Summer 2.

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In this term, we will be practising our athletics skills, taking part in Chance to Shine Cricket and learning about tennis.

PE is on Thursdays