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Welcome to our Fundraising Page!

Here you can find out all about how we raise money for our fabulous school, information regarding current fundraising events, and how we spend the money.

Click on the image of the event you are interested in to find our more information. 


If you would like to get involved contct the school office or email the fundraising group  You can do as little or as much as you'd like!

We are very fortunate to be in partnership with The Strawberry Bank in Meriden, who have supported us as their charity since 2022.  They have donated raffle prizes, prosecco for summer fairs, held quiz nights and donated the proceeds and have been instrumental in supporting our two very successful Spring Balls, both held at the Strawberry Bank in March 2023 and 2024.  

Our Current Events


This Year's Fundraising Events:

October 6th                  Film Night, Years 1 –6 (profit made 417.70)

October 20th                Break the Rules Day, all children (profit made £328.56)

November w/c 6th        Lego sale all week (profit made £140)

November 8th              Bags2School (payment £161)

November 14th            Easy Fundraising (payment £44.42)

December 5th              Children’s Christmas Fair, all children (profit made £737.69)

December 11th/12th    'Elfridges' pop up shop, all children (profit made £984)

December                    Christmas Raffle, friends and family of school (profit made £886)

February 15th               Easy Fundraising (payment £101.27)

February 23rd              Break the Rules Day, all children (profit made £295)

March 2nd                    Meriden Spring Ball, adults only (profit made £2200)

March 4th/5th               Mother’s Day Gift Sale, all children (profit made £254)

April 15th                      Bags2School Collection (payment £132)

April 19th                      School Disco, FS2—Y6 (profit made £786.34)

May 24th                      Sports Day refreshments, available to all

June 10th/11th             Father’s Day Gift Sale, all children

​June 21st                     Break the Rules Day, all children

July 5th                        Summer Fair, open to anyone!

The Story So Far....

Lockdown very much curtailed our fundraising opportunities during 2020 and 2021, however we were not to be beaten and had to think more creatively!  We held raffles, virtual pop-up shops for Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day. We also organised a 'Break the Rules Days', Enterprise Week, a Christmas Fair for the children, and they even got to meet Santa!  Luckily, we also received some generous donations from local businesses.  Despite that pesky virus, during the school year 2020/2021 we managed to raise nearly £5900!  Some of this was used to purchase new technology for school, including interactive televisions for classes and extra ipads. 

How much have we raised?

Where's the money going? 

During 2022-2023 our fundraising efforts were very much welcomed as we finally managed to replace the school set of iPads.  Both the staff and children were delighted as this was long overdue!







During 2021-2022 we updated our outside area, starting with the Early Years area, we purchased some new equipment such as sand and water trays, a climbing frame etc. There have been three large storage sheds purchased too, to keep all the Early Years outdoor equipment in.  

For the rest of school, we improved and extend the current trim-trail and made the ground under and around it safer with a rubberised material.  



We also purchased a commemorative Platinum Jubilee badge for every child.

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Can you Help?


Are you a part of a business who could make a financial donation, or offer a raffle prize? We really need your help, and are happy to add your details to our website and newsletter!

Please contact the school Fundraising Team on 01676 522488 or email

Thank you! 

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