Year 6


Mrs Corinne Power

Teaching & Learning Assistant

This Autumn, Year 6 will be starting our World War

studies with our new topic, ‘Behind the Bombs’.


We will delve into the gruesome, harrowing life of soldiers beginning with a brief look at WW1 and then looking more deeply at the build-up, progression and ending of WW2. We will find out about key figures and dates that shaped this period of worldwide conflict. We will, of course, be using high level texts such as Goodnight Mr. Tom, Anne Frank’s Diary to look at how war was experienced through the eyes of children. As a class we will gain insight into the atrocities of the persecutions under the Nazi regime led by Adolf Hitler.


We will continue to investigate life in Britain during

wartime, learning about rationing, evacuation and the

Blitz. To support this, we hope to be able to visit Coventry

(Transport Museum, Herbert Art Gallery and the Cathedral)

which was heavily bombed during the war. This local study is an extremely important part of the children’s education, as they understand how our country was formed today. Much of our writing will be based around the novels we will be reading, linked to the war, such as The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Letters from the Lighthouse. Our Science will also link– Light (during the blitz) and Electricity (Morse code).


In RE we will be  thinking about the following questions:


Creation and Science: Conflicting or complementary? UC 2b.2


Incarnation: Was Jesus the Messiah? UC 2b.4

PE is on Thursdays