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Year 6


This Spring, Year 6 will be investigating our Earth by looking at its extreme weather and natural disasters that occur across the world.

We will investigate the causes of earthquakes, volcanoes and weather patterns such as hurricanes, tsunamis and tornadoes along with the impact of devastation such as flooding and drought.


We will find out about the formation of the Earth including the

movement of tectonic plates and the different types of volcano.

We will write about the different types of disaster and describe

settings as well as write non-chronological reports and letters. We will also consider our own impact on the planet and how we contribute to the ‘Extreme Earth’.


In Science we will look at classification and the species that inhabit the planet in different locations. We will look at the work of Scientists such as Carl Linnaeus and his work on classifying creatures to better understand the living world. 


We will be reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and finding out about the places he visited around the world, before disaster struck and he was washed upon an island- which makes good links to the end of our Autumn Term topic about WW2.

PE is on Thursdays

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