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Year 6


This term we will be learning all about the Maya Civilisation! We will look at the timeline of human history and where the Maya fit into this– thinking back on our prior knowledge of the Ancient Civilisations we have already learnt about. We will focus on the Geography of the part of the world that the Maya were discovered and the culture that they adopted. We will also look at the similarities and differences between the people then and our lives today. We will read texts linked to the Maya people and their beliefs– thinking about their religious practices and ideology. We will also learn about their written and numerical systems and how they communicated.


In English we will be writing  range of text types around the Maya topic, ensuring that we embed our writing skills ready for secondary school.

In Maths we will be revisiting some if the areas taught in the Spring term including fractions decimals and percentages, whilst also covering new content around measures and problem solving.

In Science our topics will be Evolution and Inheritance in the second half term, moving on from Humans and how the body works in the first. There will also be units on Growing and Changing– further letters will be sent around this area of PSHE.

In RE we will be  thinking about the following questions:


How does the triple refuge help Buddhists in their journey through life? 


What kind of king is Jesus? 

PE is on Thursdays

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