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We are proud to be using Floppy’s Phonics Teaching Programme, a high-quality phonics programme engaging children from the outset and enabling them to learn to read quickly. Phonics provides the building blocks for Reading. By breaking down words into their smallest units of sounds (phonemes) and identifying how these are represented by letters (graphemes), children acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to read (decode) words.  See HERE.

We use Floppy Phonics to aid the progression of our phonics programme and lead into the Read Write Inc. KS2 Spelling scheme. See the progression document link below to read about the journey our children take:

Phonics and Spelling Progression Document



The teaching cycle: click HERE to watch the video!


We provide workshops to help inform parents what phonics is and how best to support their child at home. However, if you are unable to make it along or have missed one in the past why not catch up here by clicking on the picture below.

Scroll down for videos which show how to say each of the sounds we are learning in FS2 this half-term.

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