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At Meriden CE Primary School we wholeheartedly agree with the philosophy of the National Curriculum that Art, craft and design ‘embody some of the highest forms of human creativity.’(N.C. 2013) ‘Our high-quality art and design education will create opportunities for pupils to explore many different aspects of making, helping pupils understand the way that art connects us with our past, helps us embrace the present, and empowers us to shape our future. By exploring why art is relevant to our lives, we aim to make certain that pupils feel entitled to develop their creativity, and understand their place in the world as creative, confident beings.’ (Access Art 2023).

By the time children reach the end point of their art, craft and design experiences at Meriden they will have developed an appreciation of the many different forms art can take; from famous pieces to simple crafts made in minutes. Through their experiences of looking at topic linked pieces by artists, architects and designers as a starting point pupils will be able to look at artwork critically and appreciate the creativity and skill used to make a piece. This creativity will have inspired them to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design through mediums such as sketching, sculpting, printing, painting, collage and digital media. They will have had a chance to develop their drawing skills through creating and owning their own personal sketchbook as well as using different sketchbooks to develop their ideas towards specific final pieces. Their work will have been discussed critically within school and celebrated at home. As a result they will know the names of many different artists, architects and designers from the past until present day, recognising how art and design reflect and shape our history. They will also have a good awareness of how art and design contribute to our culture and how it can inspire creativity as well as being a very viable career for them.

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