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Technology and science are moving at relentless speed. Many of our pupils at Meriden CE Primary School will go on to have occupations that do not exist today. In order to prepare our pupils for a world we can only predict, we need to ensure they have learned not only the body of knowledge that has already been acquired through science, but also the process of science. We want our pupils to raise their science capital, so that they see themselves as scientists.

Children will revisit topics throughout their time at Meriden, layering their learning and deepening their understanding each time. Our aim is that, through their science learning, pupils will feel a sense of awe and wonder for the world that God has created and an understanding of how much we still have to learn and discover.

We, at Meriden CE Primary School, aim to inspire our children’s curiosity and equip them with the scientific knowledge and skills to become independent and enthusiastic life-long science learners, making their own discoveries.

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