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On the morning after Coventry and its cathedral were bombed in November 1940, Provost Howard’s words of ‘Father Forgive’ began a ministry for which Coventry Cathedral is known globally. These words, together with a Cross of Nails made from the medieval nails of the old cathedral’s ruined roof, send a powerful message to others inspired by the healing and hope of the cathedral’s story. Since 2009 Coventry Cathedral has operated the ICON  network of schools around the world.

We were delighted to be awarded ICON status in 2022; being an ICON school confirms the school’s commitment to supporting our pupils in their growth of empathy and compassion to all, to celebrate the diversity of local, national and international communities and to promote the message that all are welcome and accepted as God’s children. It also deepens the understanding of peace and reconciliation throughout our school community as we work together with other ICON schools to broaden the experiences of our pupils and their families. 

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