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Design and Technology / STEM


In our school Design & Technology is a robust, inspiring and practical area of the curriculum. At the root of Design & Technology provision is the development of knowledge and the teaching of practical skills that can be utilised in many different contexts. Our DT curriculum enables all learners to gain knowledge and practical skills alongside developing personal skills including problem solving and teamwork. We encourage all children to develop their creativity and imagination as they design innovative and purposeful products that solve real and relevant problems. We also value time given for evaluation and reflection, so that children can become resilient risk-takers who will ultimately be enterprising, resourceful, innovative and capable citizens.


To be ready for the future world of work, our children need to be equipped with the skills that enable them to solve difficult problems, to gather and evaluate evidence, to make sense of information and come up with logical answers.

Exposure to STEM subjects has been proven to positively impact problem solving abilities, communication and social skills as well as teamwork, resilience and confidence.


We deliver STEM through bespoke projects across school. We also use LEGO WeDo which enables pupils to learn by constructing their own models and bringing them to life. By building with LEGO bricks, using easy-to-use coding (basic programming) software and engaging curriculum relevant STEM challenges, it makes problem solving fun! The curriculum overview document (top of page) reflects the creative, learning opportunities in place.

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