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Nurture Group

As a Church of England school, we value all as a gift from God. We believe in the importance of developing the whole child, nurturing their spiritually and wellbeing through positive relationships.

Our inclusive approach to provision means that the majority of pupils have their needs met by accessing an appropriately planned curriculum. However, some children need specific support in order to be successful in a mainstream school. Our Nurture Group aims to build security, confidence and positive relationships, the goal being for a child to eventually be able to return to full classroom provision.

Nurture Group runs daily at lunchtime and on Monday and Friday afternoons.   


Lunchtime Nurture Group was established to provide a social setting for those pupils who find it difficult to self-regulate when outside in unstructured settings, or who find the social demands challenging.


Our afternoon Nurture Group is led by our SENCO, Sue Frankish, who has specialist training in ASD, Attachment, Trauma, Emotion Coaching, Team Teach and PDA. Sarah Parker also runs Relationship Based Play sessions with individuals and their parents when appropriate.

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