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Welcome to our Nursery page.


In our classroom you will find Mrs Dorney and Miss Wright.


Our topic over the next half term is Healthy Us. We will explore three different stories in blocks of two weeks. Our first story is ‘The Enormous Watermelon’ By Brenda Parkes. Through this story we will explore the different parts of plants, their health benefits to us and the scientific notion of forces.  Our second story is Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne.  This book was chosen because it takes us off to Africa, a country we can compare to ours as we start to realise that there are other countries in the world that are different to where we live. Last of all we delve into the rich story of The Gingerbread Man, where we explore, among other things, the benefits of exercise and eating a varied diet.


Please read the newsletter each week to see what is planned for your child to do daily.  Plans may change however as the children are encouraged to lead the play and may develop their own play ideas so we will adapt our plans accordingly.

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